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VIDEO: Shahbaz Gill was crying when brought to court

Shahbaz Gill was seen crying and saying that he is unable to breathe when brought to court

By Arfa Feroz Zake
August 19, 2022

PTI Leader Shahbaz was taken out of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) at 7:30am on Friday accompanied by a heavy police contingent for a hearing of a sedition case filed against him.

He came out in a wheelchair with an oxygen mask put on from the rear gate of the health facility.

A Geo News correspondent present at the court shared that Gill was coughing in the ambulance and apparently was having breathing issues.

A doctor was also present all the time to monitor Gill's health.

Ahead of the start of  formal proceedings, Gill's counsel Faisal Chaudhry went to inquire after him as well.

When asked, the lawyer remarked "how can he go to the second floor in this condition?"

When Gill was coming out of the ambulance, he was seen crying and saying that he is unable to breathe.

On reports of Gill's mask being snatched, the correspondent said that due to overcrowding his mask was removed from his face.

During the hearing, Gill appealed to the court for  his mask to be given back.

“For God’s sake, give me back my mask,” he said.

At this, the judge asked him if he intends to stay, to which Gill said he will if his mask is provided to him.

Later, an oxygen cylinder was also brought to the court.