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Zoë Kravitz admits she has not changed the title of her directorial debut movie: Here’s why

Zoë Kravitz speaks on title change as well as work experience with beau Channing Tatum

By Web Desk
August 18, 2022

Zoë Kravitz recently explained why she didn’t change the title of her upcoming thriller Pussy Island.

“The title came from that world where rich men bringing women to remote islands for wild nights,” said the The Batman star in an interview with The Wall Street Journal Magazine.

Kravitz, who is also making her directorial debut with the movie, continued, “The title is the seed of the story and represents time where it would be acceptable for a group of men to call a place that, and the illusion that we’re out of that time now.”

The X-Men: First Class actress further revealed  she had written the script before the #MeToo movement.

“The story gained drive because it was born out of the same anger and frustration around the lack of conversation about the treatment of women, specifically in industries that have a lot of money in them, like Hollywood, the tech world, all of that,” explained the 33-year-old.

The Divergent actress also opened up about her experience directing her beau Channing Tatum in the movie.

“When you’re compatible with somebody creatively, it often opens up other channels, because you are kind of sharing all of yourself. I’m really grateful that this movie has brought him into my life that way,” she added.