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BTS to be exempted from military service: report

BTS may get an alternative service by the President of Korea, in lieu of compulsory military service

By Web Desk
August 18, 2022
BTS to be exempted from military service: report
BTS to be exempted from military service: report

The mayor of Busan Park Hyeong Joon has requested the Korean President to allow BTS to be exempted from military service and take up an alternative one in compensation.

On August 18, the mayor of Busan city stated via SNS “ If BTS uses the alternative service system, the BTS members will be given a sense of national responsibility that is as good as military service, and they will serve the country with the capabilities that only they can do.”

Park Hyeong Joon expressed his concern to the Korean president of BTS not being able to perform their significant duties as ambassadors for World EXPO 2030 Busan due to the looming call of military service, as per sources.

In his letter, he claimed, “If such a group were to roll up their sleeves and become directly involved in the challenge of having Busan appointed as the next city for the 'World Expo', this itself would amount to significant service to the nation, on par with mandatory military service," cited from ALLKPOP.

The mayor also believes that this wouldn’t mean giving preferential treatment to BTS, instead, they would also be doing a great service for the nation like in the past, notable figures in the arts or sports have been designated for alternative service.

BTS will be holding a concert in Busan during mid-October in concurrence with their appointment as ambassadors for the 2030 Busan World Expo.