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Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson called it quits despite ‘strong connection’

Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson parted ways after dating for nine months

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August 16, 2022

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Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson parted ways after nine months of romance despite having a “strong connection” and “huge attraction” between them.

An insider told Hollywood Life that the reality TV star, 41, and the comedian, 28, had some “very deep talks” when Kim was in Australia and the duo decided to break up.

“There were a lot of things stacked against them. There’s still a huge attraction between them and a strong connection so it’s not like it ended badly but at this point Kim seems clear that it’s over,” the source said.

The former lovebirds were not ready to commit for a “long-term” relationship, the insider shared before adding, “Pete being so far away in Australia put a lot of strain on things, the distance hasn’t been easy to navigate.”

“Pete wanted Kim to stay in Australia with him for an extended amount of time and she just isn’t at a place in her life where she can do that.

“And the thing is Pete is only getting busier so it’s not like this issue is going to go away. They had to face some hard truths, one being that they’re in different places in their lives,” the insider added.

Another insider told the publication that the Skims founder and the former Saturday Night Live star are in “very different places in their lives to sustain a relationship.”

“With Pete, Kim does not want the same things as him right now. She has children and, although she would be open to having more, that is not her priority,” the source explained.

“She loves being a mother to her kids, but they are all at the age where she doesn’t have to baby them,” the statement continued.

And even though age is just a number but Pete being 12 years younger than Kim does “carry with it certain things that make her and Pete not relatable,” the insider said.

“Ultimately, Pete is a great guy and they had a magical time but he was also on the heels of her messy divorce with Kanye, which is still not over,” the source concluded.

“Kim needs to wrap up loose ends in her life before moving forward with a man who wants her to be the center of his world.”