Wednesday September 27, 2023

Amber Heard accuses Johnny Depp of ‘letting her take the fall’ for his illegal activities

Amber Heard slams ‘big man’ Johnny Depp for ‘letting me take the fall’ for illegal actions

By Web Desk
August 15, 2022

Unearthed clips find Amber Heard blasting Johnny Depp for bringing her and the dogs over to Australia, but letting her “take the fall” for it.

In the audio tape Heard can be heard yelling at Depp for “Helping me with my thing that you got me in trouble with, thanks. Let me take the rep for that and then not help me, thanks.”

Depp on the other hand appears unaware and even questions, “Got you in trouble with? What was it? What did I get you in trouble with? You don’t even know.”

But as Heard carries on saying, “The Dogs that you brought into the country with me for your movie, on your [expletive] plane and then you let your [expletive] wife take all the [expletive] for it, thanks. Oh just like the homewrecker.”