Wednesday September 28, 2022

Shakira, Gerard Pique fighting another legal battle over $20M private jet

Shakira, Gerard Pique announced their separation in June this year after 11 years of romance

By Web Desk
August 15, 2022

Shakira and her former partner Gerard Pique have indulged into another legal battle over their luxurious jet amid fight over their sons’ custody.

The Waka Waka singer and the Barcelona player announced their separation in June this year following which the exes hired separate law firms to figure out the custody issue of their boys, Sasha and Milan.

Now, a journalist Juan Carlos Ortega of Prensa Libre revealed as per Marca that the former lovebirds have another dispute at hands over a luxurious private jet.

The  medium-sized executive aircraft is  worth around $20 million which Shakira and Pique bought together during their 11-year-long relationship.

The private jet in question, a Learjet 60XR, has the capacity of accommodating up to 10 passengers and has twin bedrooms, a dining and living room with TV along with all the amenities for family travel.

The report suggests that nor Shakira neither Pique want to give up the luxurious aircraft and have reportedly handed over the matter to their respective lawyers.