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Is 'If You Wish Upon Me' is better than 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo'?

'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' battles 'If You Wish Upon Me' for the title of most-watched series

By Web Desk
August 11, 2022
Is If You Wish Upon Me is better than Extraordinary Attorney Woo?
Is 'If You Wish Upon Me' is better than 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo'?

Extraordinary Attorney Woo's  latest episode again secures a high rating while   If You Wish Upon Me joins the race.

The latest episode of the popular drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo, which aired on August 10, grabbed global attention, securing an average rating of 13.515 percent, per the reports of Nielsen Korea.

The previous episode aired scored 14.2 percent, which portrayed a slight dip in the ratings. 

However, according to Soompi, the ratings on the latest episode still keep the show an overwhelming lead.

The drama has been the talk of the town since its release on June 29 as it successfully depicts the struggle of an autistic girl who pursues her career in law and comes across various challenges.

On the other hand, KBS2's new drama, If You Wish Upon Me, also kicked off their usual average ratings on August 10 with the rating of 3.6 percent.

Starring Ji Chang Wook, Sooyoung, and Sung Dong Il, If You Wish Upon Me is a drama inspired by an organization in the Netherlands that fulfills the wishes of terminal cancer patients.