Tuesday December 05, 2023

Bethenny Frankel calls Kim Kardashian’s SKKN skincare line ‘impractical at best’

Bethenny Frankel gave a brutally honest review of Kim Kardashian's new skincare line, SKKN by Kim, on TikTok

By Web Desk
August 10, 2022

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Kim Kardashian’s recently launched skincare line, SKKN by Kim, is one of the hot topics of discussion for its extremely high price tag on social media.

While many users shared reviews about the new products, Bethenny Frankel went unfiltered during the review video of Kim new skincare line on TikTok.

The reality TV star, 51, looked over two of the products including, the $55 exfoliator and $75 eye cream, in the clip posted on Monday.

She called the items “impractical at best” and “somewhat overpriced.” She also criticized the packaging and compared it to a Rubik's Cube, saying, “I don’t understand it, because it doesn’t stack.”

In the two-minute critique, Frankel also claimed, “Is it worth the money they’re charging? Unlikely.”

Many internet users thanked Frankel for the honest review. One wrote, “You just saved me money…I travel way too much.”

Another user commented, “The circle one looks like [an] EOS lip balm packaging lololol,” to which Frankel replied, “Yes I thought that.”

“It’s a good quality product that’s likely somewhat overpriced but most beauty is overpriced,” she concluded the video.