Sunday August 14, 2022

Brad Pitt tries to take off his shirt in front of ‘Bullet Train’ costars

Brad Pitt joked, 'I’m going to do this interview shirtless if this goes on much longer'

By Web Desk
August 06, 2022

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Brad Pitt has left fans drooling over his stunning red carpet and press tour looks for the new film Bullet Train.

He recently left his costars surprised with his fun move during an interview.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button star gave a brief glimpse at his chiseled abs while playing Josh Horowitz's Sultry Quiz with Bullet Train costars Brian Tyree Henry and Aaron Taylor-Johnson on Comedy Central.

“I’m going to do this interview shirtless if this goes on much longer,” Pitt jokingly said.

Comedy Central host Josh Horowitz had asked Henry, 40, and Taylor-Johnson, 32, to guess which of Pitt’s movies featured shirtless scenes in an interview published on Thursday, August 4.

While Henry admitted that he cannot answer that question — the Fury star proceeded to take his shirt off. Pitt, with a comic look on his face, unbuttoned his yellow jumpsuit. He then lifted up his white undershirt.

In a brief moment, fans caught a peek of the Mr. and Mrs. Smith star’s chiseled abs and a few of his chest tattoos.

“Stop, stop,” Taylor-Johnson pleaded, blocking his costar from revealing any more skin. The Atlanta alum shook his head before exclaiming in disbelief, “[Oh], God.”

Meanwhile, Horowitz said, “Brad, I see the click-meter going up.” The TV host, 46, joked, “Please, keep going, keep going.”

Bullet Train was released worldwide on August 5. The film is currently running in theatres.