Friday August 19, 2022

‘Bullet Train’ star Brad Pitt shares advice to Bad Bunny on surviving stardom

Rapper Bad Bunny opened up about the pressure he faces as a rising star while promoting 'Bullet Train'

By Web Desk
August 05, 2022

Brad Pitt and Bad Bunny are fighting in the action flick Bullet Train.

While the latest action-packed film is running in theatres worldwide, the Fight Club actor shared some important life lessons for the Puerto Rican rapper, who is one of the biggest global music superstars on the planet.

The Fury star, 58, compared the 28-year-old rapper’s success to his in the '90s. “You know what, it does sound like my '90s,” he exclaimed.

“And then I learned, you just keep making it, you don’t pay attention to any of it and it doesn’t change the outcome. And you enjoy your life much more,” he added.

Sharing a life lesson for the young star, the World War Z star said, “Well, one it's, like, being surrounded by people you love and respect. And just following what interests you.”

Earlier in an interview, Bad Bunny, who marked his acting debut with Bullet Train, shared, "It was a very beautiful experience working with him [Pitt]. It felt like a fantasy."