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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle make ‘dominoes fall’ with rejection of ‘laughable rule’

‘Laughably ridiculous’ royal rule making ‘dominoes fall’ around Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

By Web Desk
July 12, 2022

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are rejecting ‘laughably ridiculous royal rules’ and make ‘dominoes fall’.

This claim has been made by royal commentator and author Daniela Elser, in the New Zealand Herald.

She started by pointing out the “laughably ridiculous” notion of tell-all interviews and how ‘badly’ they’d have gone down when Kate Middleton first married Prince William.

The expert wrote, “There was a time when royal life was defined by what was on the verboten list: No selfies, no talking about one's feelings, no public displays of affection…”

“They're obviously dominoes that have all fallen and even a decade ago, with Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge newly on the books, the very notion that Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall might appear on the cover of Vogue, Prince William would record a podcast and talk about his love of AC/DC and that Prince Harry would pop on a US TV network to complain about his family would have been side-splittingly, laughably ridiculous.”

“Now, the options open to an enterprising HRH intent on making it in the 21st century are pretty much legion.”

“And yet despite this, one of the interesting things which has come into focus this week is one thing that Harry just will not – or perhaps cannot – do. Move on.”