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Amber Heard messed up definition of defamation suit revealed by expert: Watch

Amber Heard branded narcissistic by yet another body language expert

By Web Desk
June 24, 2022

Amber Heard lie-filled  body language in recent interview has been revealed by expert Jesús Enrique Rosas.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, the expert revealed how Amber's body language is 'controlled'.

Replaying one of the key moments from the interview, where Savannah asked the actress 'why is she the only one who has blamed Depp of domestic violence,' Amber replied women are afraid of the actor's phenomenon.

On this, the expert commented: "She could say that I can only say for myself, that would have been a good answer. But no, she had to imply that they are so afraid of Johnny that none of them has had the courage to come forward about this.

"This is what Amber wants you to think about that evil defamation lawsuit.

He added: "According to Amber, if someone sues you for defamation, it is not because you spread lies about them but because they are the evil ones trying to take your voice away.

"This is a typical narcissistic tactic. They are going to tell you to your face that you are the problem. You are the one harming the relationship," he concluded.