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Prince Charles was 'emotionally unavailable' father to Harry: 'Wouldn't talk for weeks'

Prince Harry and Prince Charles bond unveiled by royal insider

By Web Desk
June 22, 2022
Prince Charles was emotionally unavailable father to Harry: Wouldnt talk for weeks
Prince Charles was 'emotionally unavailable' father to Harry: 'Wouldn't talk for weeks'

Prince Harry relationship with Prince Charles and Prince William before he left UK has been revealed by an insider.

Speaking to Closer Magazine, the source revealed Harry was heartbroken as he left William for US. While his relationship with father Prince Charles was always tumultuous, the brothers were each other's support for the longest time.

“Charles is portrayed as the villain,” confides a royals insider, who was an “emotionally unavailable” father to his youngest son.

“Harry got into verbal fights with Charles, and they wouldn’t talk for weeks.”

Speaking of William, the insider added: “Harry felt mixed emotions of sadness and fury when they drifted apart,” explains the insider. He still hasn’t forgiven William for opposing his marriage to Meghan Markle, but there were other fractures in their brotherhood, too.

“Harry went through periods of loneliness in the royal family, and there was favoritism. The other royals often took William’s side over Harry,” explains the insider.

“It’s very easy for people to say that Harry was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and call him ungrateful, but, as the saying goes, ‘The grass is always greener,’” notes the insider. “Playing the royal role is something Harry has struggled with his entire life, and it has impacted his mental health. He didn’t overcome his issues overnight, and he’s still learning, but he wants to get the word out to never give up.”

Harry calls quitting the royal family and moving to California with Meghan, 40, the best thing he’s ever done. “He claims that he wouldn’t return to life as a full-time royal for any amount of money,”

The source adds: “He does miss the queen, some of his old friends and going to the local pub, but Harry is happy in California.”