Tuesday August 09, 2022

Queen ‘struggling’ to protect brand with ‘saboteur’ Prince Andrew ‘still free’

Queen Elizabeth’s ‘saboteur’ Prince Andrew making it impossible for her to protect the royal brand

By Web Desk
May 30, 2022

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Queen Elizabeth’s ‘saboteur’ Prince Andrew is making it difficult for her to protect the royal brand, experts warn.

This claim has been made by the professor of marketing, Cele Otnes, in her interview with Express UK.

There, she claimed, “Andrew is the saboteur I mean, talk about his entitlement.”

“Isn't it interesting, but also tragic to watch the Queen struggle with trying to be a mother to him and a monarch to protect the brand at the same time?”

She also added, “I mean, you could just almost use that example as a microcosm for what happens when a member of the family doesn't put the royal family brand ahead of his or her own interests.”

“Andrew is one [of those doing that] and so you could argue Megan and Harry are one too, as they want to protect their unit as a family and that's more admirable, if you asked me, than protecting our own self-interest, which is Andrew’s deal.”

Before concluding she claimed, “Andrew seems to be about Andrew and [him appearing at the memorial] caused a big consternation in the family.”