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Kanye West takes aim at Kim Kardashian custody battle in 'True Love'

Kanye West launched a brand new attack on Kim Kardashian in his new song 'True Love'

By Web Desk
May 28, 2022


Kanye West reignited his feud with   Kim Kardashian around their kids' custody battle in new song True Love.

The 44-year-old rapper joined hands with XXXTentacion to release his scathing track on May 27.

West slammed the reality star for letting him meet only three of their kids as he asks “who watchin’ Chicago?” in the song.

“Wait, when you see the kids? I’ll see y’all tomorrow/ Wait when the sun set? I see y’all tomorrow/ Wait, when I pick ’em up, I feel like they borrowed/ When I gotta return them, scan ’em like a barcode/ Wait, no hard feelings, but these feelings hard though,” he raps in his new release.

“Wait, who got the kids in those ‘What are thosе?’/ Wait, why they can’t wear Yeezys with the cargos?/ Y’all know Nikе don’t like me, y’all take it too far, though/ At least have ’em in some Mike’s, he played for Chicago/ I only see three kids, who watchin’ Chicago?” his next verse raps.

Moreover, XXXTentacion addresses the trial as he serenades. “True love shouldn’t be this complicated/ I thought I’d die in your arms,” while West assures “Daddy’s not gone” at the end of the song.