Sunday December 04, 2022

Johnny Depp talks of Amber Heard’s ‘abusive side’: ‘I’d often have to leave’

Johnny Depp addresses what Amber Heard’s relationship was really like with Whitney Heard

By Web Desk
May 26, 2022

Johnny Depp breaks his silence on the real nature of the relationship between Amber Heard and her sister Whitney Heard.

The actor explained it all on the stand, in Fairfax, Virginia and claimed, “Amber’s sister Whitney seemed to always get the dirty end of the stick and I felt bad for her, for that, because it wasn’t new and it’d been there for life.”

“That was [something] pretty obvious so I took to Whitney very quickly, very easily, she was a very sweet kid, she was wonderful.”

Mr Depp also went on to explain his statement further and added, “It was a strange combination of loving sister, trusted sister and friend, and then lackey and then either the punching bag or the dartboard, or the recipient of some rather demeaning and ugly words. Or she would have wine thrown in her face.”

He also admitted that while he had not seen “any full-on physical blowouts between them” there were “tons of verbal blowouts.”

“I’ve certainly seen Ms Heard grab Whitney, push her around. There were half a dozen times when whoever was in the general vicinity had to leave.”