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Prince William knew Meghan Markle 'did not fit his idea of monarchy'

Prince William argued with Prince Harry ahead of marriage to Meghan Markle

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May 26, 2022
Prince William knew Meghan Markle did not fit his idea of monarchy
Prince William knew Meghan Markle 'did not fit his idea of monarchy'

Prince William saw Meghan Markle political views differed from that of the royal family, claim experts.

Vanity Fair's Dynasty hosts Katie Nicholl and Erin Vanderhoof talked about William's reservations against his sister-in-law, saying, "William's issues with Meghan seen to go beyond his conflict with his younger brother and Meghan's charismatic approach".

Ms Vanderhoof said: "According to expert Robert Lacey, William thought Meghan's political causes were too trendy and disharmonious.

"[These were] exemplified by that 2019 issue of British Vogue she [Meghan] edited".

Ms Vanderhoof continued: "It didn't go with his [William] vision of what the monarchy should be.

"When William mentioned this to Harry, it apparently caused a really bad argument".

Co-host Katie Nicholl then added: "Well I think for William some of Meghan's causes might have veered too close to politics.

"But she was never going to stop speaking out about the things that mattered to her.

"Let's remember we are dealing with someone who has been speaking against sexism on the news since she was 11-years-old".

Ms Nicholl continued: "Meghan has said that women have a voice, they need to be empowered and she's going to use her voice.

"We heard it from the very beginning when she said she wanted to hit the ground running, which is exactly what she did".

Meghan along with husband Prince Harry eventually stepped away from her royal duties in 2020. The couple now lives in Montecito, California.