Friday July 01, 2022

Rihanna ‘a natural mother, fireclay protective’ of newborn son’: Insider

Insiders shed light on Rihanna’s protective new take to motherhood

By Web Desk
May 21, 2022

Rihanna has reportedly taken to motherhood ‘very naturally’ according to sources.

Insiders even broke down Rihanna’s first few days of motherhood according to HollywoodLife.

Reportedly, “Rihanna is taking to motherhood like a total natural. She and Rocky are home in LA with their baby now.”

“A ton of relatives from the Bahamas have come to visit, but they’re being very safe with social distancing and everything because the baby is obviously not vaccinated.”

“Rihanna is so protective already and she’s making sure everyone is washing their hands, wearing masks, not getting their face too close to the baby, etc.”

For those unversed, its been nearly six days since Rihanna gave birth to her son and sources at the time explained, “She’s on cloud nine and soaking up every moment of this experience. She feels completely blessed.”