Thursday July 07, 2022

Johnny Depp ‘joked about microwaving’ his dog, Amber Heard’s sister testifies in court

Amber Heard's sister revealed that she attempted to help Heard and Johnny Depp to work on their relationship

By Web Desk
May 19, 2022

Amber Heard's sister Whitney Henriquez is the latest witness to testify in Heard and her ex-husband Johnny Depp’s high-profile defamation trial on Wednesday.

Taking to the witness stand, Henriquez claimed that Depp once made a joke about putting the dog he shared with his ex-wife in a microwave after he dangled the pet out of the window of a moving car.

She detailed an incident in 2013 where Depp, Heard, and Henriquez were in a car together and he held teacup Yorkie - one of Heard's dogs - out of a car window and later joked about placing the dog in a microwave.

"At some point, I heard the back window open and Johnny is holding our dog out the window," Henriquez said.

"He brought the dog back into the car and he was just laughing this really loud, scary.… He then made some joke about putting her in the microwave."

She continued, "And I froze, I was scared. I just remember thinking I knew how inebriated he was, and the dog was very small."

Heard's sister also testified that she attempted to help Heard and Depp to work on their relationship, acting as a marriage counselor.’

"I was trying my best to support them the way that I thought I could," Henriquez testified. "If my sister said she still wanted to be with Johnny, if I could help in any way I was going to support her."