Friday May 27, 2022

Johnny Depp chances of victory against Amber Heard seem thin, claim legal experts

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are fighting a defamation suit in court

By Web Desk
May 12, 2022

Johnny Depp victory against Amber Heard is quite difficult, say experts.

Speaking to The Post, legal believe that the actor's ongoing court proceedings is an uphill battle due to Depp's star status.

“The First Amendment protects our rights to discuss matters of public concerns – which arguably, in today’s day and age, includes celebrities’ lives,” explained California entertainment lawyer Mitra Ahouraian.

The experts added that defamation cases are hard to win in general, especially if they involve celebrities. It is difficult to prove “actual malice” on the part of the defendant (Heard).

“He has this additional burden which is not easy,” Ahouraian said.

Meanwhile, Depp is taking time off in Europe, after an emotionally exhausting courtroom battle with Heard.

“Johnny is in Europe taking some time out to rest for a few days, hang out with old friends, playing music, and is taking long walks in the countryside,” the source said.