Sunday October 02, 2022

Prince Charles ‘shuts Beatrice, Eugenie’s royal futures’ despite orchestrating Harry’s visit

Prince Charles ‘shuts down’ Princess Beatrice, Eugenie’s royal chances despite having orchestrated Prince Harry’s return

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May 02, 2022

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Even though they are credited for having played the peacekeeper and orchestrating Prince Harry’s visits to the UK.

Prince Charles ‘has shut down’ any chances for Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie having a royal future despite them having orchestrated Prince Harry’s visit to the UK.

The host for MailPlus' Palace Confidential, Jo Elvin recently referenced this claim with Richard Kay.

He began by referencing the sudden influx in PR the princesses seem to be getting but admitted, “I don't think they will have a formal royal role at all.”

“The Prince of Wales has made his plans for the future very clear, which is a slimmed-down royal family. Expanding it to include the York daughters to help the royal cause is unlikely to happen.”

“They will feature from time to time. It does seem they want to have a royal role, but they do have full-time lives out of royal duty.”