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PM Imran Khan says 'US sent threatening memo' in slip of tongue

PM Imran Khan says vote on no-trust motion will be held on Sunday

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March 31, 2022

Prime Minister Imran Khan addresses the nation in a televised address. Photo: Screengrab/GeoNews
Prime Minister Imran Khan addresses the nation in a televised address. Photo: Screengrab/GeoNews

ISLAMABAD: Mystery surrounding the country that sent the “threatening memo” came to an end as PM Imran, in a “slip of tongue”, said that the “letter” was sent by the United States.

The PM made the “slip of tongue” while addressing the nation in a televised address. The address was scheduled to begin at 7:15pm but was delayed. The reason for the delay was not shared by the government.

The US, he said in a "slip of the tongue" and then moved on and stated that a foreign country had sent a "threatening memo" which was against the Pakistani nation.

"...the letter stated that the no-confidence motion was being tabled even before it was filed, which means the Opposition was in contact with them," the premier said.

PM Imran Khan said the memo was against him, not against the government. " stated that if the no-confidence motion passes, Pakistan will be forgiven, if not, there will be consequences."

The premier stated that it was an "official letter" that was communicated by Pakistan's ambassador, who was taking notes during the meeting. PM Imran Khan said the envoy was told that if Imran Khan remains in power, Pakistan would face "difficulties".

"Is this our standing? We are a strong nation of 220 million?" the premier asked the nation. PM Imran Khan said the letter does not mention any reason and only wanted his ouster.

"...our ambassador told the foreign official that the prime minister had visited Russia after delibrations with [the country's top brass]. But the foreign official stated that no, it was just Imran Khan's decision," the premier said.

PM Imran Khan said the foreign official knew that the ones who come into power after him would have no issues taking orders from external forces.

"But what is most disturbing is that our people, who are sitting here, are in contact with foreign powers," he said, as he referred to "three stooges" — PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif, PPP Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari, and PDM chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman.

PM Imran Khan said PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif was convicted in Pakistani courts. Lashing out at the Opposition, he said the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and other institutions had made cases against them.

"Will the foreign countries want such corrupt people in power in their states? They are ready to accept such corrupt politicians, but I am not acceptable to them," the prime minister said.

The premier said the foreign powers were well-aware of the properties and assets of the "corrupt" politicians as he gave a reason behind the Opposition's readiness to "follow foreign orders."

The prime minister wondered why were the "three stooges" acceptable to the foreign powers. "I will tell you why they are acceptable. During dictator Pervez Musharraf's tenure, only 11 drone attacks took place, but after them during the 10 years of [PPP and PML-N's] tenure, 400 drone attacks took place."

"They did not even utter a single word against it [...] Even Hamid Karzai, who was the president of Afghanistan where the US forces were present, would condemn the drone attacks, but our politicians did not express reservations against it," he said.

The prime minister said Fazl, according to WikiLeaks, told former United States ambassador to Pakistan, that he will serve America just like the others. "Nawaz Sharif, according to Indian journalist Barkha Dutt, held secretive meetings with Narendra Modi in Nepal."

"Shahbaz claimed that I was wrong to say absolutely not to the United States [...] this is why they like them," the prime minister said on Opposition leaders' acceptability to foreign powers.

PM Imran Khan lamented that during the "war on terror", overseas Pakistanis were put behind bars, and no government raised reservations over it as they feared the repercussions.

" have never taken a stand for Pakistanis, Shahbaz. Neither can your brother — Nawaz — as they know where his money is stashed," the prime minister said.

The premier said that the Opposition claimed that if the "threat letter" was real, they would side with him. "So why did you not partake in the NA committee session where it was presented."

The prime minister said he briefed the federal cabinet about it, senior journalists were informed about it, and later it was presented before the National Security Committee and the parliament.

The premier said he had not revealed all the text mentioned in the letter but noted that there "were other horrifying" details in it.

Vote on no-trust motion to be held on Sunday: PM Imran

The premier shared that the vote on the no-confidence motion will be held on Sunday in the National Assembly.

PM Imran shared that people had asked him to resign but he chose not to because he competes till the last ball.

“I fight till the last minute. I never admit defeat. Whatever the result will be of the vote, I will emerge much stronger,” said PM Imran.

The premier said that he wants the whole nation to see the people who will “sell their conscience” when they vote against him.

Taking a jibe at his party lawmakers, the premier said that if these MPs go to know suddenly that he was incompetent then he should have resigned.

“You should have resigned. People resign in a democracy,” said PM Imran. He added that the money used to buy these MPs was “stolen from the nation”.

“I want to ask what message are we giving to the youth. What are we showing them?” said PM Imran Khan. He added that no matter what these lawmakers do no one will believe that they are joining the Opposition because they are ideological.

“This is a selling of country’s sovereignty,” claimed PM Imran. He added that the people who have “sold” themselves will be labelled as Mir Jaffer and Mir Sadiq for the rest of their lives.

“International conspiracy was being done with people from here to remove a government which had an independent foreign policy,” said PM Imran.

“They are the current Mir Jaffer and Mir Sadiq. If you feel this conspiracy will be successful I will stand in front of it till there is blood in my body,” said PM Imran.

“I know how to struggle and compete and I will not let this conspiracy succeed at any cost,” said PM Imran.

Earlier in his address, the premier reminded the nation why he got involved in politics and explained the reasoning behind his televised address.