Monday August 15, 2022

Queen Elizabeth using ‘Queen mobile’ to get around amid mobility issues

Queen Elizabeth has reportedly been forced to use a deluxe £62,000 golf cart amid health concerns

By Web Desk
March 28, 2022

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Queen Elizabeth has reportedly been forced to use a deluxe £62,000 golf cart to help her get around her estate at the Windsor Castle as she struggles with increasing mobility issues, reported Express UK.

According to reports, the machine was delivered to the 95-year-old monarch about a fortnight ago to help her move around Windsor Castle as she suffers from ‘stiffness in her legs’.

A source close to the Windsor Castle was quoted saying: “The cart arrived in the last fortnight. She and her aides have already used it.”

The four-seat golf buggy has also already ad the Queen’s beloved dogs ride in it alongside her, with a source saying: “Last week she took the dogs out in it for a tour around the private grounds.”

The same insider also shared some updates about the ailing monarch’s health, saying: “Her Majesty is struggling with stiffness in her legs, so the cart is a perfect solution to getting her around. She’s been through a lot of physical battles recently with Covid and her back sprain, which would take its toll on anyone — let alone someone who turns 96 next month.”

The golf cart, aptly titled the ‘Queen Mobile’, can reach upto 43mph and includes reclinable leather seats, a fridge, as well as a tablet-style screen that shows weather updates and maps. It also includes ‘weather enclosure’ doors.

It comes as the Queen was said to be ‘haunted’ by the possibility of being seen in a wheelchair like her late sister Princess Margaret.