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PM Imran Khan slams EU envoys, questions why bloc did not write letter to India on Kashmir

PM Imran Khan says Islamabad will not take part in any war

By Web Desk
March 06, 2022

Taking exception to the letter written by European Union envoys in Pakistan, asking Islamabad to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Prime Minister Imran Khan, while slamming the regional bloc, asked where the same countries were when New Delhi broke international law in Kashmir.

PM Imran spoke about the European Union envoy's letter to Pakistan during a public rally in the Tehsil Mailsi of the Vehari District. PM Imran Khan was accompanied by CM Punjab Usman Buzdar and other government members.

The premier told the people of Mailsi that following his parent's teachings, he had always believed that Pakistan should not be a “slave to anyone”.

“EU ambassadors wrote a letter to Pakistan, asking us to issue an anti-Russia statement. I ask EU ambassadors "did you write that letter to India as well?” said PM Imran.

The premier reminded the participants of the rally that Pakistan had helped the Western bloc throughout its War on Terror (WoT), adding that had he been in power at that time, he would have never made Pakistan a party to the war.

“The head of the country at that time supported the US,” said PM Imran. He wondered what Pakistan got out of supporting the West apart from losing 80,000 of its citizens, displacement of 3.5 million people, and losing over $100 billion.

“I ask EU ambassadors, did you thank us? Did you say we helped you in your war? Did you appreciate us?" PM Imran questioned the EU envoys.

The premier reminded the envoys that instead of thanking Pakistan, there were some people in the West that scapegoated Islamabad.

“When India broke international law in Kashmir and abrogated Kashmir’s autonomous status, did anyone of you break ties with India, end trade or criticise [New Delhi]?” asked PM Imran.

“What are we? Are we your slaves? Do we do what you say?” the premier questioned.

He then asked the people of Mailsi why were there drone attacks happening in the country from 2008 to 2018.

Launching an attack on former president Asif Ali Zardari and ex-prime minister Nawaz Sharif, PM Imran said that they did not stop the drone attacks as their wealth was stashed in Western countries.

“They feared that the day they speak up [the West] would seize their properties. Today, Russian assets in the West are being seized and they also feared this,” said PM Imran.

The PM also remarked that terror attacks in the country used to happen as people “whose family members were killed” in the drone attacks “used to take revenge from Pakistan" because “they knew that the attacks were being carried out with Islamabad’s permission."

The premier then said that Pakistan does not want enmity with anyone.

"We seek friendship with everyone," he said, and reiterated that Pakistan is friends with Russia, the US, Europe, China and was not part of “any camp”.

“We are neutral [and] we will try to work with those countries to end the war in Ukraine. As the war is harming the country, oil, wheat and gas prices have skyrocketed,” said PM Imran.

The premier said Islamabad will not take part in any war but will be "a part of peace[ful] solution to the conflict."

PM Imran slams Opposition’s no-confidence move

Turning his guns towards the Opposition's no-confidence motion, PM Imran told the masses about the leaders moving the motion.

Starting with his arch-rival Nawaz Sharif, the premier reminded the public how the former prime minister acted like a "Bollywood star" in a bid to leave the country.

“If PML-N is listening to me, then think: can a jackal ever become a leader?” asked PM Imran. The premier claimed that the PML-N was moving the no-confidence motion as Nawaz was missing Pakistan.

Targeting the Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Shahbaz Sharif, PM Imran said that if someone wants to learn about him, they should find “Maqsood chaprasi”.

Continuing to attack the PML-N, the premier said that Nawaz and his daughter Maryam abuse the army while Shahbaz “starts polishing any boots he finds”.

“Times have changed. Shahbaz, whatever you do, you will have to tell how Rs160 million ended up in your servants' accounts,” the PM said, adding that the Opposition leader was pushing the no-confidence motion as he feared that if his case is heard by the courts, would be thrown in jail once again.

Censuring PPP's co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari, PM Imran reminded people that the PPP leader became “Mr 10%” within a year when Benazir Bhutto came to power.

Attacking the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman, the premier said that he "does not wish to address him as a 'maulana' because the title is for people who are respected."

“[Maulana Fazlur Rehman is someone] who makes money by selling diesel permits,” said PM Imran.

The premier went on to say that Fazl’s followers accused him of being a “Jewish agent” but he hit back, saying that the Jews did not need to do a conspiracy against Pakistan when Fazl and the “gang of robbers” are in the country.

The PM added that he came into politics 25 years ago to challenge the “gang," and said that he will continue to til his last breath.

“I will challenge them and I am prepared for whatever they do. But are you ready to face what I will do to you when your no-confidence motion fails,” PM Imran said.

The game has only just begun

Responding to PM Imran Khan's speech, PML-N Vice-President Maryam Nawaz took to Twitter and wrote that "the game has only just begun".

"Why falling apart & sounding hysterical Imran Khan? The game has only just begun, dude & you have already lost it! Show some sportsman spirit man!" she wrote.

'No-confidence motion will be a success': Fazl

On the other hand, Fazl, while reacting to the premier's speech, said that the no-confidence motion will be a success as the Opposition has the majority on board, which is required to bring about the move.

"The federal ministers are trying to flee the country using money from the national exchequer," he added. “Our motion has awakened the nation, so we will be successful in toppling the incumbent government."