Sunday November 27, 2022

Prince Harry’s concerns over ‘cash-for-honours’ scandal exposed in leaked emails

Prince Harry’s fears about the cash-for-honours scandal and the intention behind the donations have been leaked

By Web Desk
February 20, 2022

Prince Harry’s “serious concerns” towards the cash-for-honours and access scandal have been leaked.

The emails in question were exchanged back and forth between Prince Harry’s Sentebale trustee Mark Dyer and the billionaire’s representative.

In it, the trustee referenced the changed preconditions regarding the charitable donation the billionaire was to make to Prince Harry’s charity.

Per the now leaked emails the trustee spoke of the new condition and made it clear that while a trip by Prince Harry to meet the billionaire’s family was not previously highlighted, he’d ‘bring it up’ without any prior promises.

The email reads, "Are we really saying that if PH [Prince Harry] commits to a trip to Saudi, Sentebale will receive the donation?”

“If that is the case I need to now brief the board as the accounts have all been revised and signed off on the back of receiving £1m donation.”

“I am seeing PH today at Windsor; I will brief him on the situation and see if he now wants to commit to a trip, but this certainly was not our understanding... it is starting to bring into question ‘cash-for-access’.”