Friday December 09, 2022

Kristen Stewart recalls Nicole Kidman surprising her on Christmas: ‘I vividly memory’

Kristen Stewart recalls her feelings about the intimate relationship with Nicole Kidman

By Web Desk
January 29, 2022

Hollywood actor Kristen Stewart recently reminisced over her relationship with veteran actor Nicole Kidman and even gushed over the present she once presented her with for Christmas.

For those unversed, the movie in question was the 2002 thriller Panic Room and featured a short sequence between Kidman and her on-screen daughter Stewart.

However, the star ended up getting recast from the David Fincher production, shortly before shooting began due to an exacerbated injury.

The premise of the film included a mother-daughter duo, that is tasked with keeping themselves and the house safe from a home invasion.

Despite the recasting, Kidman developed a loving relationship with her little co-star and ended up gifting Stewart a present, that still lives on in her mind, to this day.

The duo spoke out regarding their intimate relationship while interviewing with Variety magazine for their Actors on Actors segment.

The conversation began when Kidman asked, “We were meant to work together how many years ago? I remember David Fincher said, 'Oh, my God, we have discovered the most incredible actress.' And then I got injured and ended up not playing your mama."

Stewart replied by painting a picture of their entire encounter on set and admitted, "We spent a couple weeks rehearsing. I have a vivid memory of it, because the way you treat kids is so telling.” (sic)

“I felt like I was buds with you. It was two or three weeks, but I was always like, 'She's one of my friends.' You gave me walkie-talkies for Christmas."

Despite being replaced, Kidman admitted she has no hard feelings towards her replacement but finds it all to be ‘completely crazy’ since "Here we are decades later, hanging in there. And you're amazing; Fincher was right, as he always is."