Tuesday May 17, 2022

Young Prince William found role of being king to be a 'burden'

Prince William was said to have been hesitant over the idea of being king

By Web Desk
January 25, 2022
Young Prince William found role of being king to be a burden

Though Prince William was always destined to be king he was not always keen on taking the role.

According to royal author Jennie Bond, the Duke of Cambridge, as a teen, felt the burden of the mammoth role and in extension, he was hesitant which the public could sense.

"Having known his mother Diana and speaking to her at length about her children, I remember so vividly how she said the country is lucky to have William, he's all right," Bond told OK!.

"She also said that he found at that age, in his early teens, the burden of kingship was already weighing quite heavily on his shoulders.

"I think we did see a reluctance to take on the role earlier on, in his early adolescence, he knew his destiny as none of the rest of us do from such an early age,

"But in the last couple of years he has shown convincingly that he is the man for the role and that he cares about being king. He absolutely fully accepts the role and the responsibility destiny has put his way."