Monday May 23, 2022

Prince Andrew known to be 'arrogant', says former protection officer

Prince Andrew was not the "most popular royal", said the former protection officer

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January 24, 2022

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A former palace staff has lifted the lid on Prince Andrew’s character, revealing some shocking details about the Duke of York.

Former protection officer Ken Wharfe, while speaking to Palace Confidential said that Prince Andrew was "not the most popular" royal while adding that the Duke was also "arrogant".

He explained: "But from my own experience and listening to colleagues that work with him, yes, he wasn't the most popular member of the family.

"He was prone to some rather annoying arrogance and he did treat, you know, uniformed staff with contempt on occasion and that's fairly well logged and listened to.

"So yes, I mean, he wasn't the sort of character that you would warm to as a servant if you like and if you possibly cast a poll below the stairs of Buckingham Palace, I got a fairly good idea as to where that poll would go to.

“But that's him, he is what he is, he is the favourite of the Queen, I'm sure that is the case and now he's sort of struggling to clear his name with some difficulty.

"I only ever worked with him on one occasion and his protection officer came on a journey back to London from Aberdeen after a stint in Balmoral.

"I sat by the window because his own officer was fearful he would engage in some conversation with a member of the public.

"So I did the best thing and sat with him, and suddenly he arrives on the plane and in front of a full aircraft, I'm sat by the window, and gestures me get out.

"And that's embarrassing, but that's his style."