Tuesday May 17, 2022

Andrew Garfiled 'had' to work out' to fit into his Spidey-outfit for 'No Way Home'

Andrew Garfield was determined to get in shape for his No Way Home cameo

By Web Desk
January 23, 2022

Andrew Garfield is touching upon his weight transformation to fit into his original Spider-Man suit for No Way Home.

Speaking on  Happy Sad Confused podcast,  Garfield revealed that he wore  same outfit that he used in The Amazing Spider-Man noting how every Spider-Man from Tobey Maguire to Tom Holland has had their own customised Spidey-outfits.

 "I still fit bruh… I had to get in shape. I had to work on it with my trainer. I was very nervous about that. I was very nervous. I was like… no one wants to see an old, fat guy in a Spider-Man costume."

Earlier, the actor revealed how he kept his cameo in No Way Home a secret, even from ex-girlfriend and  MJ Emma Stone.