Sunday May 22, 2022

Princess Diana expressed interest in Islam for this reason

Princess Diana was interested in moving on from her divorce from Prince Charles

By Web Desk
January 20, 2022

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Following Princess Diana’s split from Prince Charles’ it was wondered if she had planned on getting married again.

However, photographer Anwar Hussein, who thoroughly covered the late princess’s journey up till her death in 1997, spoke to People about how Diana once threw him a question about interfaith marriage.

"All the lights were dimmed on the flight, and she came and whispered, ‘Can I have a chat?" he recalled.

"She knew that I was married to an English girl, Caroline,

"She wanted to know about Islam. She was asking about being married when one person is Muslim and another is Protestant.

"She was interested because of what she was going through with [her then-boyfriend] Dr. Hasnat Khan. She didn’t mention him, but she assumed I knew it.

"I think she was wondering how the family would react to him and things like that."