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Kate Middleton helped 'furious' Prince William reunite with Prince Harry

Prince William and Prince Harry's relationship grew colder after the latter stepped down from his royal duties

By Web Desk
January 18, 2022

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Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship has been witnessed to become cold over the years.

This was made apparent when the brothers were reunited in July 2021 for the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue in Kensington Palace’s Sunken Garden.

As per reports, the Duke of Cambridge did not want to meet his brother, who, since stepping down from his royal duties with wife Meghan Markle, hurled accusations against the Firm.

According to Kate’s uncle Gary Goldsmith, the Duchess of Cambridge acted as a “brilliant arbiter and peacemaker” in the process of reuniting the estranged brothers.

Sources had stated that William was “furious” with his brother and refused to attend the statue unveiling ceremony but Kate intervened as she convinced her husband that he could only “give so much” to Harry.

One palace aide complimented Kate saying that she “was amazing behind the scenes when Harry came” as William “had a year of hell and she has been fantastic in supporting him.”