Thursday August 11, 2022

Prince Charles might strip Prince Andrew of titles regardless of the outcome from Guiffree’s case

Royal experts believe Prince Charles may strip Prince Andrew’s titles regardless of the outcome of the case

By Web Desk
January 09, 2022

Experts warn there is a high chance for Prince Charles to strip to strip Prince Andrew of his royal titles “regardless of the outcome that comes out from the Guiffre case.”

This claim has been made by royal author Nigel Cawthorne and according to Express UK.

He started off by admitting, "Even if the case were to be thrown out - and most experts believe that to be highly unlikely - Andrew won't have completely dodged a bullet.”

"The FBI still wants to question him in its investigation into Epstein's rich and powerful friends and, unless he goes to court and is able to completely clear his name, he will forever be tainted by these accusations.”

He also went on to add, "I think it's true to say there is really no good outcome for him and he will end up with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Now that Ms Giuffre has said she won't settle, he doesn't seem to have any options."

However, Prince Andrew may be able to bid his time for as long as his mother the Queen is alive because, "I think he will be in serious trouble when his brother Charles becomes king."