Thursday August 11, 2022

Met Police in a frenzy to ‘tighten security’ around Queen Elizabeth following Windsor incident

Police already working towards having Queen Elizabeth’s residence dubbed a ‘no-fly zone’

By Web Desk
January 08, 2022

The police have reportedly started tightening security around Queen Elizabeth in light of the Windsor assault.

This news has been brought to light by a police spokesman from the Thames Valley Police.

According to their statement, a Restricted AirSpace Order is under consideration to protect Queen Elizabeth from safety fears following the Windsor intruder incident.

According to the spokesperson, "As part of the Met Police's responsibilities under the Royalty and Specialist Protection Command, the Met is responsible for policing within the footprint of Windsor Castle and we work closely with Thames Valley Police to ensure the Castle and the surrounding areas are kept safe and secure.”

"As part of our ongoing review of security arrangements at Windsor Castle, and working in partnership with Thames Valley Police, we intend to apply for a Restricted Airspace Order for up to 2,500ft at a radius of 1.5 nautical miles around Windsor Castle.”

"This has not been brought about in response to any specific threat or intelligence, but is intended to further enhance the security at what is an iconic location and keep the community living nearby safe."