Tuesday January 18, 2022

Prince Harry accused of throwing Prince Charles ‘under the bus': report

Prince Harry bashed for throwing Prince Charles under the bus with his 'cash for honours’ statement

By Web Desk
December 07, 2021

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Prince Harry has been accused of allegedly throwing his father Prince Charles under the bus in a 'cash for honours' statement.

This claim’s been made by royal editor Rebecca English and in her new piece for the Daily Mail she weighed in on how Prince Harry’s alleged attempts at a cash grab have plunged his dad Prince Charles ‘under the bus’.

There she wrote, “Like other royals, Charles was ‘deeply, deeply’ hurt at the manner of Harry and Meghan’s bitter exit from the family in 2020.”

“Still, as Harry and William’s relationship descended into acrimony, their father tried to remain a non-partisan figure – partly because Charles has always shied away from personal confrontation with his sons, but also because he genuinely wanted to retain a Swiss-like neutrality between them.”

“But, while disappointing, the statement from the prince’s Los Angeles-based spokesman effectively throwing his father ‘under a bus’ over the ‘cash for honours’ investigation did not come as much of a surprise.”