Thursday January 20, 2022

Meghan Markle turned the ‘entire household on the verge of quitting’: report

Meghan Markle accused of flying ‘into a rage at PA over the colour of blankets’

By Web Desk
December 06, 2021

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Inside sources close to the Palace reveal Meghan Markle nearly “flew into rage at PA over the colour of blankets” during her time in the royal family.

This claim has been made by a source close to the Sunday Times.

They admitted that Meghan Markle once lead “half the staff threatening to quit” their jobs because “The entire household was on the verge of quitting ... it was drama, drama, drama with those two.”

It all occurred over some embroidered red blankets which were supposed to be offered royal guests but "When they arrived, they weren’t the right shade of red for Meghan and she went mental at Melissa [Touabti].”

“She complained it hadn’t gone well, that Mishal [Husain] wasn’t empathetic enough, wasn’t warm enough.”