Tuesday January 18, 2022

Britney Spears ‘finally feels like she has a purpose’ after conservatorship: source

Britney Spears is currently living the high life and intends to celebrate her freedom ‘to the fullest’

By Web Desk
December 03, 2021

Singer and songwriter Britney Spears has finally started feeling like she ‘has a purpose’ after her conservatorship became officially terminated.

Sources reveal the singer “wants to celebrate that to the fullest” and intended to spice up her 40th birthday celebration for this very reason.

For those unversed, Britney’s trip to Mexico alongside partner Sam Asghari is the first birthday where Britney doesn't feel like she's just withering away."

The insider also went on to tell E News, "This year, they're happy to celebrate Britney getting older because she's finally growing into her true self."

"She finally feels like she has purpose and Britney wants to celebrate that to the fullest,” with no interference.

Even Asghari is “going all out on gifts for Britney” to ring in this occasion and "wants to completely live it up and not be low-key about it."

This is not the first look into the star’s changing mental health either. According to sources close to HollywodLife, "The past decade has been hell for her and she has gone through so much.”

In light of it all, “Sam is a godsend for Britney and everyone who loves her loves him, including her sons."

It is no surprise to anyone that "Britney deserves this vacation more than anyone, and she is going to share it with her fans for sure," the source added.

"She has not been allowed to leave the United States since the conservatorship started and cannot wait to experience something totally different as she turns 40."