Tuesday January 18, 2022

Kaley Cuoco reveals having 'difficult birthday' post Karl Cook divorce

The actress filed for divorce from Karl Cook earlier

By Web Desk
December 02, 2021

The actress filed for divorce from Karl Cook earlier/File footage 

Kaley Cuoco did not shy away from revealed she is not een having a grat birthday.

The actress, who filed for divorce from Karl Cook earlier, said it's okay to not feel the best, even on your birthday.  

"Sometimes it's okay to not feel totally okay. Even on ur bday," Kaley wrote on her Instagram Story.

Looking at the bright side in life by sharing one positive from her day, she said, "I have the greatest fam and friends there ever was."

She posted a pic of herself posing in a Ralph Lauren cap, pair of sunglasses and T-shirt, standing next to her horse: "A quick stop by the barn for some magical pony kisses always helps," Kaley added.

The actress also revealed that she took her Flight Attendant co-star, Zosia Mamet, on a Nike shopping spree to help celebrate. "When you make @zosiamamet go Bday shopping with you," Kaley wrote, while joking, "Im a terrible influence lol."

She later thanked her friends for sending their love. "The amount of LOVE I received today was overwhelming," the actress wrote. "The messages. The gifts. The calls. The check-ins. All of it. Meant the world to me."