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Prince Harry receives official apology from PI that ‘robbed’ him of teen years

Prince Harry receives official apology from the same PI that robbed away his teen years

By Web Desk
November 28, 2021

Prince Harry has finally received an official apology from the PI that tried robbing him of his teen years at one point.

News of this official apology has been made public by People magazine.

They issued a report in light of The Princes and the Press documentary release.

According to their report, the PI admitted, “I was basically part of a group of people who robbed him of his normal teenage years.”

Later into his statement the PI also issued an apology for the part he played in ‘exploiting’ Prince Harry’s youth and admitted that it was due to his greed and dependence on cocaine at the time.

“There was a lot of voicemail hacking going on, there was a lot of surveillance work on her phones, on her comms,” he also went on to say. “Chelsy would brag to her friends when she was going to see him.”

The PI even went as far as to dig for medial issues, abortions or other decisions that could be exploited at the time.

Tabloid editors often dubbed Prince Harry the “new Diana” and unfortunately for him, his ‘over-the-top’ interest in his ex-girlfriend didn’t stop after their split.

Back in 2019 there was also a hacking attempt into Prince Harry’s smartphone. The accused tried stealing voicemails at the time.