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Hailey Bieber promotes Hubby's business with her beauty and charm

Justin's sweetheart Hailey showed off different items in photoshoot

By Web Desk
November 28, 2021
Hailey Bieber promotes Hubbys business with her beauty and charm

Supermodel Hailey Bieber has lent her skills to promote her husband Justin Bieber's clothing brand.

Hailey won hearts of her followers as she shared  a series of images on Instagram.

The 25-year-old model looked stunning as she rocked items from Drew House, Justin Bieber’s clothing brand, in a variety of cool locations.

Her  sizzling snaps were taken in a variety of homey locations, including a backyard, somewhere with a pool, and several indoor settings.

Justin and Hailey are amazing celebrity couple as they never shy to express and showcase their love for each other. 

Justin's sweetheart showed off different items, including shoes, slippers, sweatshirts, shirts, and sweatpants during in photoshoot.