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Britney Spears’ mom requests separate payout of $663K for attorney fees

Britney Spears’ mom requests conservatorship pay $663K worth of attorney fees

By Web Desk
November 05, 2021

Britney Spears’ mom Lynne requests the singer’s conservatorship for a separate payout of $663K to pay off attorney fees.

This report comes shortly after her daughter accused her of being the sole reason she’s in the conservatorship, to begin with, in her now-deleted Instagram post.

According to the report, "the very concerned mother" hired lawfirm Jones Swanson Huddell (in Louisiana) and Ginzburg & Bronshteyn (in California) in 2019 to fight the "unreasonable restrictions under which [Britney] suffered,” which include, but are not limited to being "involuntarily moved from her home," and forced into "an extended stay in a medical facility against [her] will” for "medical treatment that she did not believe was warranted."

The filing further "spoke of daily restrictions on Britney, 'microscopic control,' such as a paltry unexplained weekly allowance, the type of phone she was allowed (a flip phone), travel and movement restrictions including Britney driving her own car, and prohibitions on visitors to her home, including her boyfriend and even her children's friends.”

The filing maintains “Lynne reported that Britney was controlled by those in charge of her conservatorship sometimes providing and sometimes taking away things she desired."

Thus, in retaining a separate counsel on behalf of the conservatorship, Lynne claims she served as an "interested party,” with a “goal to help Britney achieve independence from her conservator father’."

The filing even stipulated that Britney "enthusiastically agreed" in hopes of ending "her nightmare and the crisis she was in."

The document concluded by saying, "It is because Lynne's counsel questioned the adequacy of Jamie's competence to remain as conservator of the person ... that for the first time in the 11th year conservatorship, real discussions began about limiting Jamie's involvement in the conservatorship.”