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Princess Charlotte dubbed the ‘richest’ youngest royal with £3.6billion net worth

Princess Charlotte reportedly holds a net worth of £3.6billion and is the ‘richest’ youngest royal

By Web Desk
October 18, 2021

According to findings by a recent study on celebrity/ popular children, the second-born child of Prince William, Princess Charlotte, has officially taken the title.

According to reports, her estimated net worth currently stands at £3.6billion.

According to Express UK, the British royal family’s children were also included in the report and experts believe that 8-year-old Prince George is worth £3.6billion and his youngest brother Prince Louis’ worth will equate to almost £720million.

Even Prince Harry’s firstborn Archie Mountbatten-Windsor is already estimated to be worth £21.6million.

The research has been conducted by Electric Ride on Cars, under the name Rich Kids 2021.

According to the official website, “As kids, most of us would have been delighted with a few pounds to keep our pocket money topped up, and would even save up for weeks or even months to buy a new toy or even maybe a new Walkman.”

“However, for these kids, a couple of quid just isn’t going to cut it, and it’s unlikely that they’ll have to spend too long saving for pretty much anything they would like, perhaps even their very own electric ride on car.”

“These are some of the richest kids in the world who have astronomical sums tucked away for their future, some from their celebrity parents, and others by finding their very own fame and fortune.”

The website went on to list down the top three contenders and according to their findings, “The kids with the largest fortunes are those who stand to inherit them through trust funds, while those who have made money through their own careers have smaller fortunes.”

Princess Charlotte dubbed the ‘richest’ youngest royal with £3.6billion net worth

“Princess Charlotte of Cambridge takes the top spot with a huge net worth of $5 billion, edging out her older brother Prince George ($3 billion), apparently due to something called the “Kate Middleton effect”, where the fashion choices of royals can have a huge impact on trends.”