Wednesday October 27, 2021

Public clap back against Prince William’s climate crisis talks: ‘Talk to Harry first’

Prince William under fire for making claims regarding the climate crisis and not ‘looking towards his home turf’

By Web Desk
October 14, 2021

Prince William has come under fire for making claims regarding the impending climate crisis and not ‘starting’ with Prince Harry and his ‘extravagant' use of private jets.

This fury has been addressed by experts like deputy leader of The Reclaim Party, Martin Daubney who took to Twitter, writing, “Perhaps before Prince William sticks his nose into William Shatner's Blue Origin flight business he could have a word with his own brother?”

Mr Daubney also went on to Prince Harry’s claims and added, “Harry lecturing others on climate change while enjoying endless private jet trips is a problem nearer to home.”

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