Wednesday October 27, 2021

Princess Diana, Meghan Markle’s shocking parallels show ‘similar struggles’: report

Experts highlight the parallels between Meghan Markle, Princess Diana’s ‘struggles’

By Web Desk
October 09, 2021

Experts recently weighed in on the parallels that exist between the life and struggles of Princess Diana and Meghan Markle.

This observation has been made by royal biographer Andrew Morton on the MailPlus Palace Confidential podcast.

“What I find the most interesting story that I've uncovered from the book is the parallels between Meghan and Diana in the early days of their royal careers.”

“Meghan was called from pretty early on, Duchess Difficult, she was blamed for everything that went wrong, from the row with the Queen over the tiaras to the bust-up with Kate.”

“I found it fascinating that at a time when Meghan was struggling to cope with the royal world, protocol, and so on, in her own generation before, Diana herself had been described as a fiend and a monster by various gossip writers, and someone who sacked members of staff.”

Before concluding he added, “She was struggling to cope with depression and all kinds of illnesses and there's a fascinating parallel there.”