Sunday December 04, 2022

Twitter floods with hilarious posts as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram face glitches

Within minutes, numerous tweets prompted the hashtag #WhatsApp, #facebookdown to trend on Twitter

By Web Desk
October 04, 2021
— Twitter
— Twitter

Popular social media platforms — WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram — are facing an outage worldwide, with thousands of users reporting their inaccessibility to them, according to Downdetector.

While all three Facebook-owned apps faced glitches,  people around the world rushed to Twitter and within minutes,   numerous tweets prompted the hashtag #WhatsApp and  #facebookdown to trend on Twitter.

Sharing  an image from the Netflix series Money Heist,  a Twitterati wrote: "Me: WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are down.

Professor: That's where Twitter comes in

#WhatsApp #WhatsappDown #FacebookDown"

Another  one  wrote: "Everyone coming onto Twitter now with Facebook, Insta and WhatsApp down.

#FacebookDown #ServerDown"

Another user shared a  GIF  and wrote: "People running to Twitter to see if Instagram and Facebook are down."

Some other posts included.