Saturday September 18, 2021

Royal photographers find Prince Harry to be ‘an unpredictable element’

Prince Harry recently came under the microscope of royal photographers and got branded ‘unpredictable’
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September 10, 2021

Prince Harry has always received a massive amount of public interest but in light of recent lifestyle changes, many photographers find him now to be ‘utterly unpredictable’.

This observation was mainly put forth by Chris Jackson, during his interview with People magazine.

With Jackson being one of the few photographers with unfiltered access to the prince in the past, he finds him to have "Has a real energy to his engagements.”

He also went on to add, “[He brings] an element of unpredictability which has always been special.”

Before concluding he added, “One example of that was when he joined in a charity run in Rio de Janeiro and he ended up finishing the race with a face mask on. You literally couldn't have predicted that.”