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Princess Eugenie issued warning ahead of Prince Harry's memoir

Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter Princess Eugenie seems to be in trouble

By Web Desk
August 16, 2021
Princess Eugenie issued warning ahead of Prince Harrys memoir

Princess Eugenie has reportedly been issued a warning that if she involves with Prince Harry's book, which seems to receive backlash, she may have to duck out of the public eye.

The Queen's granddaughter seems to be in trouble and her name is being dragged into a new controversy as Prince Harry reportedly asked her to help him write his memoir.

A royal commentator has claimed that despite being a popular member of the family, Eugenie may have to 'live in exile' if the memoirs are perceived as offensive.

He hinted the contents could be controversial and Eugenie 'flirting' with danger if does get involved with the publication.

Harry's memoire, which is the first instalment of a four-part series , is unlikely to be screened by other members of the Royal Family ahead of its release.

The book , which has shaken the walls of the palace before its release, may worsen the crises within the royal Family.

Prince Harry's book content still remains unknown, but it is being reported that it may be offensive if Princess Eugenie is involved she may face trouble.