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Kendall Jenner was very involved with Devin Booker's NBA finals, here's how

Kendall Jenner made sure that her beau Devin Booker felt every ounce of her support during the NBA finals

By Web Desk
July 19, 2021

Kendall Jenner made sure to root for her beau Devin Booker during the NBA finals.

The Phoenix Suns baller was set to play against Milwaukee Bucks, whom rose as the crowned champions.

Not only did the model made sure to wear the team’s colours ahead of the game but made sure she was present at the nail-biter.

According to an E! eyewitness, Kendall was very much involved throughout the game as she was seen engaging with the game and reacting to all the major moments.

"She would stand up and cheer every time Devin scored. It was so cute! She had her hands on her head at the end of the first quarter!” the source spoke regarding her body language.

The 25-year-old was also seen pacing back and forth after the rivals were taking the lead over the Suns.