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Woman who complained to PM Imran Khan over outstanding payment gets justice

The woman told PM that a police officer's brother was not paying her the due amount, and police were not taking action

By Web Desk
May 31, 2021

LAHORE: A woman hailing from Lahore finally received her  Rs472,000 from the brother of a police officer who was unwilling to pay pending rent and maintenance expenses, Punjab police said Monday, after the institution helped her in this regard.

The woman, in a video shared by the Punjab police on Twitter, said both parties had reached an agreement, and the person has paid the outstanding amount and agreed to withdraw the suit.

The woman, Ayesha Mazhar, a resident of Lahore, had explained her ordeal to Prime Minister Imran Khan yesterday, as the premier was taking live calls from citizens to hear about their issues and concerns.

The woman, talking to PM Imran Khan over the phone, had said SSP Zeeshan Asghar's brother, Imran Asghar, was not paying her the due amount, and police were not taking action as well.

A tweet from the Punjab police said Mazhar, back in December 2020, had lodged a complaint with the police about her tenant Imran Asghar, brother of SSP Zeeshan Asghar presently serving in Balochistan, regarding the illegal occupation of her house and non-payment of rent.

"On the very next day, the house was vacated. However, the tenant did not pay her rent and damages to the house amounting to Rs 5,00,000," the tweet said.

The tweet said the lady submitted an application to police regarding the recovery of her remaining rent, but the other party went to a civil court and obtained a stay order.

"Her issue to the extent of payment of rent is still pending due to the stay issued by the court .... IGP Punjab will personally try to resolve it," it added.

However, later in the day, Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Lahore Ghulam Mahmood Dogar took notice of the incident and helped the affected lady get her money back from Imran Asghar.