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Here's how Shehryar Afridi's vote was wasted during Senate election

Shehryar Afridi claims that when he reached the venue to cast his vote, ECP staff failed to guide him

By Web Desk
March 03, 2021

Chairman Parliamentary Committee on Kashmir Shehryar Afridi's vote cast during Senate polls was likely wasted on Wednesday, prompting anger from Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The Kashmir Committee chairman, according to sources, signed his ballot paper which most probably lead to its cancellation as the Senate polling remains secret.

Later, Afridi filed a petition at the Election Commission of Pakistan. The lawmaker mentioned that he was sick for the last few days and was unable to attend party meetings held for the polls' preparation.

The committee chairman, in his petition, claimed that when he had reached the venue to cast his vote, the ECP staff failed to guide him.

Similarly, before Afridi, former president Asif Ali Zardari had also wasted his vote, however, the ballot paper was re-issued to him as his vote had not yet been cast.