Thursday June 13, 2024

A-level paper leak: Cambridge cautions people of fake social media posts

Students claimed on social media that A-level maths paper was leaked online

By Web Desk
May 04, 2024
A representational image shows people taking exam at a British Council centre. — File
A representational image shows people taking exam at a British Council centre. — File

The Cambridge International Education (CIE) on Saturday cautioned people of fake WhatsApp and social media posts "made to look like they were issued by Cambridge" following alleged leak of AS Level examination paper.

"Official updates and information are only communicated through our official Facebook page and official communication channels with schools, directly or through British Council," the CIE issued a statement on Facebook. 

It asked the masses to be cautious about the authenticity of the messages they received from other communication channels.

Students earlier claimed on social media, especially Facebook groups, that the "AS Level Mathematics Paper" was leaked online just before they were scheduled to take the exam on April 2.

They said that the social media posts about the exam disturbed them as the thought that the paper might be cancelled and have a bad impact on their marks.

They regretted the leak and described it as a deplorable incident because they had studied hard for their tests.

After surfacing of such claims and brouhaha online, the CIE had "launched an inquiry" over the leak of the AS paper.

"We are looking into concerns raised about a potential paper leakage on 02 May 2024 for AS Level Mathematics 9709 Paper 12. This is being investigated, and Cambridge and the British Council are in close communication," the CIE said.

The Cambridge said they would update on the matter when they would have further news, but they would not provide further information through Facebook comments or direct messages. “Thank you for your understanding and support,” it said.

The CIE said, “Cambridge and the British Council are committed to upholding the integrity and fairness of our exams, and we will continue to work closely with schools to ensure a smooth and secure examination experience for all candidates.”

Though it has yet to be established whether a paper was even leaked, but the CIE and British Council sources are hopeful that the probe would be completed in a week or two.